Advanced surveying tools help Georgia grow

A closeup of a survey mapping camera on a tripod sitting inside an empty concrete building.


While there will always be a time and place for traditional surveying, Valentino & Associates Land Surveyors embraces technological surveying innovations to improve our accuracy and turn-around time, and to better support our customers in an increasingly data-driven world.  Sometimes a traditional boots-on-the-ground surveying approach is the best way to go, but sometimes technology is the answer, and our team knows it well. Not only do we have access to the latest technologies in surveying, but we also have the technical knowledge to use them appropriately. We also recognize that not every job requires high-tech solution, so we always use whatever is the right fit for the job.

With surveying expertise in a wide range of digital solutions captured through base and rover survey systems (GPS), survey drones (UAV), LiDAR, 3D Laser scanning, and remote-control unmanned surface vessels (USV), we’re able to survey large areas in great detail and with exceptional accuracy.

Unlike a lot of our competitors, Valentino & Associates Land Surveying invests in technology year after year so that we can always provide the best possible experience to our land surveying and construction layout clients. The competition may be happy using 40 years old surveying technology, and providing slow turn-around time, but that’s not how we do it here.

Drone pilot crouching over a surveying drone in an open field.


Valentino & Associates Land Surveying has 3 FAA licensed commercial drone pilots on staff.  Our flagship drone is a Matrice 300 RTK drone which we fly with either a Zenmuse P1 46 MP camera or a GeoCue Trueview 515 with Pandar Lidar Unit to produce unprecedented sub-cm accuracy for:

  • Lidar Mapping
  • Topography
  • Photogrammetry
  • Dense Point Cloud Surveys
Drone Surveying
A survey mapping camera on a tripod sitting on a city street in front of a large commercial construction site.


Valentino & Associates uses a top-of-the line Leica P40 3D Laser scanner which collects 1 million points per second at survey grade accuracy and is a game changer. A laser scanner can collect data up to 886 feet away from the scanner which keeps our employees safe from active and heavy traffic or dangerous environments with the ability to filter noise and unwanted data out from the data set. 3D laser scanning deliverables such as a 3D model point cloud can be used with modern Autocad and other advanced software to help aid in the design process leaving no gap in data all while having guaranteed accuracy expected of a traditional survey.

3-D Laser Scanning
A surveyor wearing a reflective safety vest walking down a rural pathway, carrying a survey mapping camera over his shoulder.


Valentino & Associates uses the latest technology from Carlson’s GNSS receiver called a BRX7. With the additional L5 signal band this GNSS receiver is able to get a reliable signal in environments that GNSS receivers could never do in the past! Employed in the correct environments and situations with the correct workflow for double checking data and accuracy standards a survey with the new GNSS technology implemented in the BRX7 the data collected rivals traditional survey methods conducted with a robotic total station saving time and money for our clients.

Our robotic total stations are Geomax zoom 95s that have been proven to be very accurate and reliable. These total stations can reliably measure distances, elevations, and more well above and beyond the accuracy standards our industry has adopted.