Construction Layout and Staking

A flattened, dirt, residential construction site with a CAT excavator parked on the side.

Construction Surveying is the translation of construction plans into physical points on the ground that can be used as a basis for the actual construction. The results of construction surveying are seen in almost any urban, suburban, and even rural setting. Almost any roadway, building, or other man-made improvement probably had some amount of construction surveying involved. Valentino & Associates has one of the strongest construction staking divisions in Georgia. We have the expertise and tools to provide all of your construction staking and layout needs.

Valentino & Associates Land Surveyors is able to provide the following construction staking services for any of you projects in Atlanta or North Georgia.

  • Anchor Bolt Surveys
  • Monitoring/Settlement
  • Benchmarks
  • Property-line staking
  • Building-column layout
  • Roadway staking
  • Curb and gutter staking
  • Site control/layout
  • Erosion control
  • Utility staking
  • Foundation staking
  • Light-pole staking
  • Foundation Surveys
  • Sidewalk staking