3-D Laser Scanning

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Surveyor standing behind a survey mapping camera on a city sidewalk. Behind them, a city bus passes and a large city building can be seen.

Tools we use on HD-3D Laser Scanning Jobs

We use a Leica P40 3D laser Scanning Survey System. The P40 is a high-speed, high-accuracy laser scanner with a 360 x 270 degree field of view. The laser technology can scan any interior or exterior man-made or natural structure. Any area within it’s field of view will be created into a raw data set in the form of a 3-D image, which is made-up of millions of points of data, called a 3-D Point Cloud. Every two points of the 3D cloud provides direct point-to-point measurements within AutoCad.

The 3D point cloud can be used with software to view, pan, zoom and rotate in 3D.

Closeup of a survey mapping camera on a tripod sitting in some bushes beside a city sidewalk.


  • As-Built Surveys for exterior or interior building renovation, retrofit, remodel or expansions
  • As-Built Surveys of complex facilities
  • Surveying of busy street intersections
  • Construction volume calculations
  • 3D Topographic Surveys
  • Monitoring Structure Deformation
  • Surveys for Hazard Sites
  • Marketing Tool for client viewing from any location
A closeup of a survey mapping camera on a tripod sitting inside an empty concrete building.

Why use a Licensed Surveyor to scan?

  • Fully Insured
  • Survey grade scanning control accuracy critical to your project
  • We link boundary and other data to the 3D scan, including hydrographic data.