As-Built Surveys

The inside of a large pipe underneath a detention pond.

Interior and Exterior As-Built Surveys

The purpose of an As-Built Survey is to record the details of a finished structure. It also may record variations between a planned structure and the completed structure. Specifically, an As-Built Survey is a survey to physically locate structures and improvements on a parcel of land, generally for financing or sale purposes.

Unforeseeable difficulties often make variations from the construction plans necessary, or occasionally, variations may occur accidentally that are economically unfeasible to correct. As-built surveys are an as-is blueprint of a project, detailing the project as it exists after any changes occurred. They are an in-depth record of a structure as it was built, not planned, and include final utility locations, measurements, and more. The as-built survey is the first part of the two-step process that makes as-built plans possible, and is all about accurately gathering measurement or placement data.


As-built surveys are a critical component of any construction project, whether it’s a renovation or a new build. Without as-built surveys, you’re stuck relying on blueprints and as-designed documents, But, with an as-built survey you have an accurate depiction of the completed structure.

At Valentino & Associates Land Surveyors we use advanced surveying equipment, like our Leica P40 3D laser Scanning Survey System to complete our As-Built Surveys. This means that the measurements are often much more accurate than those taken by hand.