Goodyear Distribution Center

A black and white laser scanner image of the grounds of Goodyear Distribution Center.

The Challenge

Valentino & Associates were requested to conduct a topographic survey on a moderately large employee parking lot and a portion of the trailer parking and distribution area for a warehouse in Coweta County. The catch to the topographic survey was it needed to be a 5-foot topo grid due to standing water issues not draining correctly. This means that every 5 feet there needed to be a spot elevation collected. This would take a long time with conventional survey methods given the large areas.

The Solution

So, to meet this request Valentino & Associates used a very powerful and accurate Laser Scanner to create a 3D Model of the two areas requested. This Laser Scanner collects millions of points per second and combines all the information into one manageable point cloud that we then used and extracted the 5-foot grid the client requested.

The Outcome

Thanks to the Laser scanner it made a 5-foot grid topo possible in half the time that it would have taken to do a conventional survey at a 5-foot grid.

Services Provided