Fort Gillem Logistics Center

Aerial view survey sketch of Fort Gillem Logistics Center.

The Challenge

Robinson Weeks contacted us to replace the surveyor they had been using to start this project due to the long-time frames and large cost associated with using this other surveying firm. Valentino and Associates needed to be able to respond timely and deliver to the request asked upon us by Robinson Weeks and The City of Forest Park.

A survey mapping camera on a tripod sitting on the lawn in front of the Blue Star Studios facility gates.

The Solution

Valentino & Associates devoted their undivided attention to the cause. It was a company effort to manage and maintain everything from the field crew’s day to day tasks to correct file management, so data was properly sorted, filed, and never misplaced. At the beginning of the project the goal was to establish control with conventional total stations and over time we implemented the latest and greatest technology to complete our tasks for this project.

The Outcome

Since 2015 Valentino and Associates has proudly worked alongside Robinson Weeks and The City of Forest Park to develop what used to be a staple of our greater local Atlanta community and nations defense during World War II into a thriving and economically prosperous logistics hub for the Atlanta area. With future work in the pipeline!

Services Provided