Braselton Circuit Business Center

A technical drawing of the proposed Braselton Circuit Business Center buildings and layout.

The Challenge

We were selected to provide construction staking services which included:

  • Staking the building corners of each building to insure the correct location and dimensions
  • Column intersection control points for ease of plumbing installation
  • Horizontal and vertical benchmarks to aid in the foundation installation
  • Staking critical easement and city limit lines
  • Staking 28,000 linear feet of curbing, dolly pads, dumpster pads, and sidewalks
An aerial view of the Braselton Circuit Business Center buildings.

The Solution

The result was a very happy client despite the fact that this project spanned twelve months and involved quiet a few changes to the plan and unanticipated complications that arose at the job site. Our aggressive and detailed construction project management techniques along with our surveying technology and highly qualified staff can all be credited for the outstanding outcome on this project.

Braselton Circuit Business Center front parking lot and view of the main building.

Equipment Used

  • Robotic total station
  • GNSS base and rover
  • and a digital level.